Both of my daughters have been taking piano and voice lessons here for over 2 years now and Paulette has truly inspired them to love music in a whole new way. She connects with and coaches her students in a fun, extremely positive and nurturing way, and my girls so look forward to their time with her. They choose current pop music as well as classics to help mix it up and stay exciting for the kids.
The best parts are the sweet, intimate seasonal concerts the students put on. Not only do these give them quarterly goals of completed pieces to work towards, but helps them get polished and feel the thrill of performing. As a parent, I can’t believe how awesome it is to watch my girls have a musical instrument in their lives.
-Elissa R.

The Music Castle is the key to music and the key to life. The instructors teach students, at all different ages, how to read music, play/sing from your heart. Paulette is one of the most amazing teacher/singer ever! She will teach you everything you need to know! I started not knowing anything, to knowing and understanding everything! If anyone needs or wants music lessons, I definitely recommend The Music Castle!
-Janet S.

Our son has been taking drum lessons with Mr. Dan Welby for the past two years and has grown in so many ways – not just technically – but also with regard to learning about what it takes to be a dedicated and serious musician. His words of wisdom serve not only as gems for our son’s musical training but also carry over into other aspects of life as well.
The Music Castle gives the students opportunity to perform several times a year we also applaud how professionally and lovingly Paulette oversees the school.
-Jennifer B.

The Music Castle is by far the best place to learn how to play any instrument of your choice. I began taking piano lessons with Sean and eventually began taking guitar lessons, and he is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had. He has patience, passion and knowledge about music theory that surpasses the average musician. He makes the environment so comfortable.
I literally feel as if I’m hanging out with a friend rather than having a teacher-student lesson. Paulette is so amazing. She runs the school with the utmost professionalism and passion for music. I highly recommend The Music Castle for anybody yearning to get more out of music, regardless of experience.
-Ivette L.Journalist
Santa Monica Outlook

My daughter has been taken piano classes with Paulette and Sean since she was 3 years old. She is 8 years old now and still loves her classes. I highly recommend The Music Castle.
They are awesome.
-Alessandra M.
Professional Dancer

My 15- year old son and 13- year old daughter have been taking piano lessons at The Music Castle for about 8 years now. They started first with Paulette and then advanced to her husband, Sean. We cannot say enough about the quality of instruction and wonderful attitude my children have encountered.
The concerts are a fun time for all the students and teachers to get together with adoring parents, siblings and friends and really support each other as they perform.
We love the lack of stuffiness and openness to all music. Classical, jazz, musical theatre, and of course – rock ‘n’ roll. My daughter has also taken a number of excellent voice lessons with Paulette – she assisted her with school performances as well as The Music Castle recitals.
Paulette has established a real family, not just a business, and she extends her love and passion to all her students. I have recommended The Music Castle to other families and hope you will try it out, too.
-Sharon N.

My daughters have taken piano and dance lessons at The Music Castle for over three years and we are extremely happy with our experience. Paulette is a wonderful teacher and person. She has so much passion for music and for providing a positive learning environment. She teaches each of my daughters in a way that fits their personalities and they have become much better musicians and people for the experience.
The teachers who work with Paulette at the Music Castle are all very qualified and seem to follow her mission of teaching music/dance in a way that is fun and nurturing.
Check out The Music Castle!
-Lisa G.

I am pleased to say that The Music Castle is a great place for my son and daughter to learn music. Paulette and Luke are both wonderful piano teachers who have patience as well as enthusiasm while meeting the individual needs of their students. As a teacher myself, I can appreciate the hard work in which the teachers there put into their lessons. I have seen a great deal of growth in my children as they continue their piano lessons at The Music Castle.
-Belinda M.
Teacher, Horace Mann Elementary School

For a number of years I have tried to eliminate my Texas accent. Paulette has given me the tools I need and has brought me further than any other voice coach that I have ever encountered.
-Dr. Brent P.

My daughter and I would like to thank Paulette for this special place. My daughter has been enjoying it since she was two years old. Camila loves her singing lessons. You have made her voice sound heavenly. Thank you for this greatly inspiring and comforting place for my daughter and thank you to the wonderful staff that guides them on their path. Your inspiration makes a difference every day in my child’s blossoming process.
-Clara G.
Restaurant Owner

Paulette is a wonderful teacher. She taught me everything I know about singing and was an expert at guiding me along my vocal path. The Music Castle has a great learning environment. The education I received was priceless.
-Brett C.

My children have been students of The Music Castle since 2003. We have always enjoyed Paulette and her approach to teaching. She has a fantastic way with helping children understand and master not only the techniques of music but their feelings and emotions as well. Our entire family, including our grandparents, look forward to the recitals and the warm, nurturing feeling that is fostered and encouraged for all the students.
-Donna R.
Real Estate Agent.