“Passion and
pave the way
to success.”

Paulette Kasal, founder of The Music Castle has been a vocal instructor, piano teacher and professional singer for over twenty five years. She began her vocal training at an early age. Her overwhelming passion to sing and create music drove her to succeed and share her talents with others.

Paulette works with all levels of students. Her approach is one of mutual admiration, love and respect, for both the student and the art. Her passion for singing, compassion for others and vast personal experience allow her to communicate in a language that is easy for the aspiring musician to

For the beginner an introduction to the fundamentals of piano, ear training, song performance and guidance in finding ones own unique vocal style. Many of her young students go on to pursue careers on the Rock, Pop and Broadway stages.

For the advanced, she provides customized training techniques that address the students specific needs and sets in place vocal heath care programs that help balance the demands of touring and recording. For those who wish to pursue song writing she tunes into her students and assists the creative process.

Paulette has developed a special method for teaching piano to children ages 3 to 18. The “ABC’s of Piano” encompasses various visualization and imagination techniques. Her approach is fun loving and creative. Lessons are done in a way that the child’s memory of their first formal musical experience will be one of joy and accomplishment rather than frustration. No matter what life path they choose this imprint will remain.

Paulette attended The John Ford School of Voice as well as studied with world renowned voice teachers Seth Riggs and Mark Baxter. Her unique style of teaching is based upon many of their methods. She also incorporates the science of movement, breath and sound into her students lessons.

Numerous students have been referred to Paulette by professionals such as Dr. Raphael Nach of Beverly Hills, CA an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and Mark Baxter, author of “The Rock’n’Roll singers survival guide.” She has also received special training in early childhood development, psychology, anatomy and nutrition.

As an author, Paulette has published a comprehensive vocal instructional CD entitled “A Journey Into Vocal Awareness.” This is a very useful tool for her students on the road and at home practice.

As a professional singer and songwriter Paulette has recorded and performed in many different styles of bands. She fronted and recorded with her first Heavy Metal band Dementia at age 17 in Northern California and then went to San Francisco to start the Alternative Rock band Alcoholic Stacee. Later she ventured to Seattle at the height of the Grunge era in 1994 to perform in the band she named IRIS. In 1998 she moved to Los Angeles to perform Jazz, Broadway and Heavy Metal. In Los Angeles she co-founded the band Nava that went on to record an EP and tour the United States.

In 2002 Paulette founded The World’s Only All Female Tribute to Black Sabbath, Mistress of Reality. Her band has achieved great acclaim and has graced the pages of magazines and newspapers from New York to Hawaii. Her current band Madame Ozzy is actively touring the US and Europe.

Paulette invites you into a positive, exciting and creative atmosphere filled with her humor and generous spirit. Discovering the art of vocal and piano performance, a solid foundation in proper technique and self-confidence are just some of the benefits you will enjoy!

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