MR. Max Molander

“Perfect practice makes perfect”

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Santa Monica look no further. Mr. Max Molander guides his students to find and develop their own artistic voice. His truly adaptable teaching style hones in on individual goals while using students’ favorite songs to build a solid framework of musical knowledge and intuition. The power of music and emotional aspects of songwriting are emphasized from the beginning.

No matter your skill level, Max’s focus is more on your development as a musician than as just a guitarist or pianist. Especially in the beginning, the emphasis is on playing songs that you connect with to develop a connection with your instrument and a love for music. Later on, even the youngest students are exposed to music theory concepts to lay the groundwork for musical fluency.

Max has been playing guitar for over 10 years and studied jazz guitar and music engineering in school. At the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, Max learned advanced jazz and latin music styles from Tim Jago and other accomplished jazz players. He also learned the ins and outs of the technology side of music, including recording and producing. Max’s experience as an audio engineer has helped develop his ear to the point where he could teach even the best in the music industry. His fluency in jazz informs a deep understanding of pop music and an extensive bag of tricks for
songwriting that he is eager to share.

Max’s teaching background started early in life as a counselor for a skateboard and bike summer camp. For 5 summers he worked with children ages 4-14, learning how to communicate the same idea from different perspectives. He loves to teach and continued tutoring math and music through high school and college.

While in college, Max started the band Mint Trip. Less than a year later, they were signed by Blue Elan Records, based in Westwood. After graduating, the group moved together from Miami to L.A. and released their debut EP ‘Books’ in 2016. Max played guitar, keyboard and drum machine and
produced the EP. Since the move Mint Trip has been consistently gigging around L.A. at venues such as The Whisky a Go-Go, The Mint and the Hotel Cafe.

The band’s minty fresh sound involves incorporating a variety of influences from jazz, electronic pop, indie rock and heavy music to push the boundaries of pop music.

Before starting Mint Trip, Max played almost every style of music that involves the guitar. Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, he performed at farmers markets with folk bands and at rock clubs with post-punk bands. In addition to guitar, Max plays drums, keyboard, bass and ukulele. Now he is putting his vast musical background to work for you, helping to discover the world of music and unleash your potential!